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Are you looking for a place to bring your whole self to God – questions, mistakes, joy, pain, celebration, confusion, gratitude? Do you crave worship that’s genuine and real? There is a place for you in worship at Wesley.

Live at Wesley

Looking to go deeper in your faith journey? Want a living situation that reflects your values and offers more than merely roommates? Curious about how to live out hospitality? Consider living in Wesley’s Residential Community.

Capital Campaign

We are celebrating 50 years of ministry in this building by planning for major renovations and expanding our Residential Community. We are over halfway to our goal!  Your pledges and gifts will make this vision a reality. Click here for more info and to watch our video.

We call Wesley “a place to be and become.” That’s because we don’t expect you to leave college or Wesley the same person you were when you arrived. Wesley is not about telling you the right answer or selling you on the right way, but about inviting you to listen for God and to make the journey along with some great company.

This seems like what Jesus did, inviting people on an unknown journey with simple, compelling words like “Come and see” (John 1:39). He met them where they hung out (lakeshores, wells, trees, the side of the road…Clemons, the Corner, O-Hill, JPJ…) and invited them to be more than they imagined they could.

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Weekly Meeting Schedule
  • Sunday
    • 11:00 Morning Worship at Wesley Memorial UMC (next door)
    • 5:00 Sunday Night Worship
  • Tuesday
    • 6:00 Tuesday Night Dinner
    • 6:45 Forum — Discussion/speaker on a variety of faith topics and student life.
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