Small Groups, Intramurals, & More

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Small Groups, Intramurals, & More

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Throughout the week and each semester we offer many planned and spontaneous opportunities to gather with Wesley folks. See something intriguing here? Come on out and give it a try.

Small groups are a great way to share life together. During the fall semester of 2022, we are starting with one small group called “Thursday Reset.” We will gather in the living room in the Wesley building, share fresh baked cookies, reflect on how the week has gone, and look forward to the week ahead.  

Take part in various intramural sports or last minute pick-up games.

We reach out in service to the local community each month so stay tuned for announcements about where we are volunteering and how you can join us. We travel to serve during our annual Spring Break Trip.

We host tailgates,  movie nights, apple-picking trips, study breaks, dinner on the town, and other fellowship events for fun, blowing off steam, and getting to know one another. We have different programs weekly- check out the weekly email for upcoming events. 

Together with Wesley Memorial Church, we also host a group for Grad Students. Grad students can and do participate in many Wesley events but sometimes it’s helpful to gather together with older students who share similar experiences.  You are invited to “Monthly Market Monday” on the first Monday of every month at the Dairy Market . Any and all grad students are welcome to be a part of this group! If you have any questions, contact Juliana Piacentini,

The McDonald Lecture is in March, often in conjunction with the Virginia Festival of the Book. The annual Lecture is a series of events, including a public talk for Festival audiences, a smaller gathering for students, and preaching. Previous McDonald Lecturers include Amy Laura Hall, Michael Twitty, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Jason Micheli, Jim Wallis of Sojourners, Bishop Will Willimon, artist and writer Jan Richardson, and civil rights activist James Lawson. Stay tuned for details about our next McDonald Lecture, which we hope will return in 2023.

To learn more or get involved in any of these events, sign up for the weekly email.

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