Vision & Beliefs



We call Wesley “a place to be and become.” That’s because we don’t expect you to leave college or Wesley the same person you were when you arrived. Wesley is not about telling you the right answer or selling you on the right way, but about inviting you to listen for God and to make the journey along with some great company.

This seems like what Jesus did, inviting people on an unknown journey with simple, compelling words like “Come and see” (John 1:39). He met them where they hung out (lakeshores, wells, trees, the side of the road…Clemons, the Corner, O-Hill, JPJ…) and invited them to be more than they imagined they could.

A place to be and become. A community for support and challenge, comfort and risk. Wesley is a community of faith where we hope you will bring your whole self – heart and mind, spirit and body. Whether you have been a lifelong churchgoer or a lifelong questioner or both, you don’t have to leave your questions or doubts at the door. We trust God to be present in those places and in the messiness, thrill, stress, and fun of life at college.

We trust God’s long story of steadfast love and redemption and we pray to understand where and how our own smaller stories fit into God’s. What kind of story is unfolding in your life? Where is God calling you and who will you become by the time you leave college? Where and how is God showing up these days?

Come and see.


We are a ministry of the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church, though we welcome students from many faith backgrounds. You can read more about the beliefs and commitments of the United Methodist Church here.