Board & Student Leaders

Our Student Coordinating Council (SCC) is at the core of our ministry, planning and leading events, activities, service opportunities, and more. When we are volunteering in service or eating and worshipping together on Tuesday or sharing in a small group, the SCC has helped make it happen.

The SCC leads our community by focusing on opportunities for discipleship (spiritual growth through worship and study), witness (reaching out in love and service beyond our own Wesley community), and fellowship (breaking bread together, spending time getting to know one another, forming a strong community).

This team of dedicated students works with our campus minister to set the course for each semester, and they would love to share more with you about our plans and hear your ideas for Wesley. Contact this year’s SCC President Kayla Blalack.

Our Board of Directors is charged with living out the United Methodist Church’s vision for campus ministry in Virginia.  Our vision for ministry is:  As a Christian faith community in conversation with the University, we invite, welcome, and equip students to explore, engage, and embody an active and transforming faith.

Board members come from various parts of our community — the university, local churches, the larger community, our ecumenical and interfaith friends, and students.  The Board implements and supervises the ministry of the Wesley Foundation at the University of Virginia, providing for the development of an effective program of Christian worship, study, pastoral care, discipleship, and service. The Board is also responsible for the policies governing the ministry of the Wesley Foundation, the employment and supervision of staff, the management of financial affairs, and the care and use of the United Methodist properties entrusted to the Wesley Foundation.

Contact our Board Chair, David Vaughan.