Space for God – A weekly prayer group for Lent

Space for God.  Aaaaah.  Just typing those words makes me breathe easier. For Lent this year, I’m not going to “give up” or “take on” anything.  I’m going to create some Space for God in my life and I hope you’ll join me.

I’ll be leading a prayer group on Wednesday mornings and I’m calling it Space for God.  Just a small opening in the week where the only goal is to rest in the presence of God.  We’ll be exploring the ancient Christian practice of centering prayer together as we go deeper into Lent.  Whether you have tried this before or you are new to it, this is a group for you.  We will pray together each Wednesday morning and I’ll send you off for the week with some suggestions for your own practice of prayer.

Even if you are planning to give up/take on for Lent, I hope you’ll consider making this part of your weekly routine and your Lenten practice.  If you need a challenge to motivate you, know that Bishop Cho is encouraging us all to move toward more and deeper prayer.  This is a great place to begin.

Beginning on Ash Wednesday (March 5th), we’ll gather in the chapel at the Wesley Foundation (round room at the center of the building, just across from the offices) each Wednesday during Lent, from 8-8:45am.  All are welcome.  I hope you’ll make this part of your Lenten observance this year, but even if you can only come once you are welcome.

– Deborah Lewis