Wesley’s Spring Semester – always a place for YOU

Every semester is different.  Some feel overwhelmingly busy and others seem a little lackluster.  Some fly by and others seem to last too long.

One thing is constant, no matter what sort of semester you are having:  There is always a place for you at Wesley.

We are not a club with sign-up deadlines.  We are a faith community.

We aren’t perfect or judgmental.  We are trying to hear what God is saying and to go in that direction.

We won’t make you pass a dress code to worship here.  We welcome you no matter what you’re wearing or how long it’s been since you came to church.

We won’t check to make sure you have the “right” theology before we offer you a place at the Thursday night dinner table.  But we will be happy to engage in a lively conversation — whether or not we agree on the issues of the day.

We call Wesley “a place to be and become.”  We believe God gives rest to the weary and also challenges us to grow and act on our faith.

Some of the places this happens are

  • Sunday Night Worship at 5pm — Preaching, Communion, Music, Prayers
  • Thursday Dinner & Forum at 6pm — Free dinner and a different topic or speaker each week.  A chance to go deeper in faith.
  • Small groups – check the tab for this semester’s groups and days/times
  • Service opportunities — We usually have at least one group service event each month.  Check the weekly emails and Facebook.
  • Hanging out in Study Camp (or any place in the Wesley building) — We are open early til late and we are here for you.  Make yourself at home.
  • Intramural sports and other events — We like sports and we know how to kick back and have some fun.
  • Roaming office hours with our campus minister, Deborah Lewis.  Check the weekly emails for where and when she’ll be on Grounds each week — or email to set up a time to meet and talk with her.

Every semester is different.  We hope you’ll join us for this one.