Souper Bowl Sunday

The first question you may be asking yourself is “Why did he put an O in the word SOUPER BOWL???” That is a very good question indeed! As most of us already know, next Sunday, February 3rd, is referred to as a day where the 2 best teams, the 2 with the most wits, the 2 football teams that could outlast all the rest (The Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers for those of you who did not know or do not follow football) will be squaring off head to head to see who is the best team in the NFL! Most people commonly refer to this date as the SUPER BOWL. The reason we (the members of F-squad) decided to add the extra O was to signify what we will be serving at the Super Bowl Party. As many of you could have probably guessed, the extra O means that we will be serving SOUP at the SOUPER BOWL, which is always great because, honestly, who doesn’t like soup? Now, there is a catch to getting the soup at the party. We would like everybody to bring a little donation ($) with them to the SOUPER BOWL party. The proceeds from this event will be going directly to Shalom Farms, an organization that many of us here in Wesley have spent some time volunteering for and have come to really cherish and appreciate. The donation that you make doesn’t have to be much and if for some reason you cannot donate, do not think that you will not be allowed to join all of us. We are a welcoming Christian family that will take you in, no matter what (even if you happen to like the 49ers). As for when this will all be happening, plan on meeting up around 6PM on Sunday, February 3rd, which will be directly after Informal Worship.

If for some reason, my random rambling doesn’t make too much sense to you, here is a recap of what I needed to say:

When: Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 @ 6:00PM (directly after informal worship)
Where: Wesley Foundation Game Room
Reasons Behind the Event:
1.) Watch The Baltimore Ravens vs. The San Francisco 49ers (GO RAVENS!!!)
2.) Serve Soup to Everybody (Donations Strongly Encouraged but NOT Mandatory; all donations go to Shalom Farms)
3.) Eat, Hangout, and Have Fellowship with Everybody Around
Hope to See Many of Y’all There,
F-Squad ( John, Robert, Paysour, and LaHuff)