Study Breaks! We’ll help you make it through.

Check the Wesley this Week listing for specifics on any of these study breaks, or just come camp out and enjoy them all.  We have great spaces for blowing off work and for studying, so feel free to make Wesley your home during finals!

Monday 12/10 at 5:22pm: Juggling with Caroline Crockett followed by a Hot Tub Adventure with Aaron Stiles.

Tuesday 12/11
at 1:31pm: Zentangling with Sharon! Drop by any time from 1:30-3:30 to Zentangle (a fun way to relax by drawing patterns…no drawing skill needed).

Wednesday 12/12
at 5:06 pm: Dancing and Foot Painting with Andi Davis.

Thursday 12/13 (Reading Day)
from 2:43-4:45pm: Ice Skating with Lauren Huff (meet at the Foundation);    at 5:59pm: Thursday Night Dinner.

Friday 12/14 at 4:12pm: Stories for Dinosaurs with Matt Paysour.

Saturday 12/15 at 7:37pm: Star Wars Saturday with Kate Thrasher and Samantha Guthrie.

Sunday 12/16 (Reading Day) at 2:02pm: The Kingsley Musicals (watching Starkid musicals on Youtube) with Sarah Kingsley;    at 5:01pm: last informal worship for the semester.

Monday 12/17 at 12:17pm: Crafts with Kelly Stewart (making paper hats).

Tuesday 12/18: Happy last day of exams! Feel free to grab lunch with another Wesley person if you’re still in town.