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Hello Everyone,


Here is what’s going on at Wesley this week! Please remember to sign up to bring food to our potluck dinner on Thursday, April 12th to thank all the groups that have cooked for us this year!
Sunday, April 8 – Easter!

6:40am – We will gather at the cross on the lawn in front of Wesley Memorial to greet the sun with a Sunrise Communion service. (Rain:  Wesley Foundation dining room.)

9 and 11am – Join us for either worship service at Wesley Memorial and make time for breakfast in the fellowship hall between services, at 10am.

5pm – Evensong worship at the Wesley Foundation:  a brief service with singing, prayer, and Communion.

8:00pm – IM Frisbee Playoffs! Meet at the Foundation at 7:30pm for a ride or get to the Park at 8. Be sure to bring your student ID!


Monday, April 9

Deborah off for Easter holiday (Since Deborah’s office hours are usually on Monday, please email her to meet at another time this week.)

11-2ish — Lunch at the Pav (Part I) –Meet in back room of Pavilion XI on the lower level of Newcomb. If you can’t make it at 12, that’s fine! Lunch will continue as long as people are there, so you can still come at 1 pm if you have class!

7:00pm—Women’s small group 1-Meet in the living room.

8:15pm—Methodists with Muscles—Meet in the game room for a devotional followed by a sport. Wear athletic gear and bring your student ID.

Tuesday, April 10

Deborah out of the office for sermon prep and study.

11:00-2ish — Lunch at the Pav (Part II) –Meet in back room of Pavilion XI on the lower level of Newcomb.

6:00pm—Women’s small group 2-Meet in the living room.

7:00pm—Delta Force—Men’s small group. Led by Kellen Hertz and Kemper Steffe Meet in the game room.

8:00pm–Grad Group–Let by Abel Yang. Meet in the game room.

8:15—Free Verse-Meet in the Upper Room


Wednesday, April 11

5:30pm—Yoga—Free-drop in yoga class for the university community. We have mats so just wear comfy clothes. Final yoga class of the semester.

7:00pm–“An Altar in the World” – a book study led by Deborah that will be meeting in the Upper Room. If you’re planning on going make sure to pick up a book from the upper room. Final meeting.

8:00pm—Women’s small group 3-Meet in the living room.
Thursday, April 12

6:00pm – Potluck dinner to thank all of the people who have cooked for us this year.

7:00pm – Forum – “What does a calling look like?  Could it be something like foster parenting?  Come meet alum Molly Gee and her foster daughter as she shares her unusual journey from single person to foster mom.”


Sunday, April 14

11:00am – Worship at Wesley Memorial UMC.

3:00pm – SCC meeting

5:00pm – Informal worship at the Foundation.


Upcoming events:

Coffeehaus, Wesley’s annual no talent/talent show, April 21st at 8pm – sign up on the Fellowship Board to participate!

April 28th – Iron Chef competition, sign up on the Fellowship Board!


Special Announcements:
Calling All Musicians! Interested in helping out with the music at our worship services or outreach events?  Contact Music Man/Director, Ryan LaRock (rsl4gp).

Let me know if you have any questions!

Emily Gorman (efg2bj)

SCC President


Weekly Meeting Schedule
  • Sunday
    • 11:00 Morning Worship at Wesley Memorial UMC (next door)
    • 5:00 Sunday Night Worship
  • Tuesday
    • 6:00 Tuesday Night Dinner
    • 6:45 Forum — Discussion/speaker on a variety of faith topics and student life.
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