Wesley this Week…

Hey everyone,

Some special notes this week, Wesley Team B stay tuned for the email on when playoff times are as the regular season is over.
Some students are leading a pilot small group starting this week. It is on Tuesday at 8:15. Both men and women are welcome to attend.
This week is Ash Wednesday and there will be 2 services at Wesley Memorial at 12:00 and 7:00. They won’t be very long so come by to either time for this special day.

And lastly, elections are happening this week at dinner. We will take nominations up to that day. If you will not be there and you want to participate in the voting please let me know so I can send an absentee ballot.

Now here is the whole list, have a great weekend.

Sunday, February 19

11:00 am — Worship at Wesley Memorial UMC

3:00pm—SCC Meeting
5:00 pm – Informal worship at the Foundation.

8:30pm—IM Volleyball-Wesley team A


Monday, February 20

11-2ish — Lunch at the Pav (Part I) –Meet in back room of Pavilion XI on the lower level of Newcomb. If you can’t make it at 12, that’s fine! Lunch will continue as long as people are there, so you can still come at 1 pm if you have class!

7:00pm—Women’s small group 1-Meet in the living room.
Tuesday, February 21

Deborah out for sermon prep and study

11:00-2ish — Lunch at the Pav (Part II) –Meet in back room of Pavilion XI on the lower level of Newcomb.

6:00pm—Women’s small group 2-Meet in the living room.

7:00pm—Delta Force—Men’s small group. Led by Kellen Hertz and Kemper Steffe Meet in the gameroom.

8:15—Pilot Co-ed Small Group


Wednesday, February 22

Ash Wednesday worship at 12 noon & 7pm in the sanctuary at Wesley Memorial.  (Each service will be about 35 minutes long.)

3-5pm  Deborah’s drop-in office hours.  (Email to meet with her at other times.)

5:30pm—Yoga—Free-drop in yoga class for the university community. We have mats so just wear comfy clothes.

7:00pm–“An Altar in the World” – a book study led by Deborah that will be meeting in the Upper Room. If you’re planning on going make sure to pick up a book from the upper room.

8:00pm—Women’s small group 3-Meet in the living room.
Thursday, February 23

6:00pm — FREE Dinner. Elections tonight!

7:00pm—Forum— “Is this a date?”  What counts as a date?  Are there higher expectations once we use the D-word?  How do you ask someone out?  Why would you want to?  Come join the conversation about dating and life.  Kellen Hertz, Natalie Roper, Lauren Huff, and Campus Minister Deborah Lewis will lead tonight’s conversation.

Let me know if you have any questions,

Stephen Sholden (sks6p)

SCC President