Wesley this week…

Here is all that is happenin at Wesley this week!

Sunday, September 4

11 am — Worship at Wesley Memorial UMC
5 pm — Informal Worship at the Wesley Foundation-
There will also probably be a group going to dinner afterward.

Monday, September 5

Labor Day, offices closed but the WF building is still open for students.  No set office hours this week for Deborah, but call or email to set up an appointment.

12-2ish — Lunch at the Pav (Part I) –Meet in back room of Pavilion XI on the lower level of Newcomb. If you can’t make it at 12, that’s fine! Lunch will continue as long as people are there, so you can still come at 1 pm if you have class!

7:00pm—Faces of Faith 1—Small Group just for 1st years discussing issues pertaining to 1st years. Led by Kellen Hertz (kmh4fb) and Natalie Roper (nrr2bf). Meet in the Living Room.

8:00 pm — Methodists with Muscles — Meet in the gameroom for a short devotional before heading to some athletic activity. Led by Patrick Ormond (pco8ec) and Annie Bailey (amb9um)
Tuesday, September 6
Deborah out of the office for sermon prep and study.
12:30-2ish — Lunch at the Pav (Part II) –Meet in back room of Pavilion XI on the lower level of Newcomb.

7:30—10:30—EID Banquet—Presented by MSA, a celebration of the end of Ramadan. Free Kabobs and a presentation. RSVP at https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=208450569214895&view=wall if you know you are coming

7:30—Praise, Prayer, Peace—Will not be meeting.
8:00pm—Faces of Faith 2—Small Group just for 1st years discussing issues pertaining to 1st years. Led by Stephen Sholden (sks6p) and Kelsey Green (klg4zy). Meet at the SAB for the EID banquet


Wednesday, September 7

Residential Community meeting 6:45pm

8:00pm–Grad and Beyond College Group—For those in grad school and recent college graduates. Led by Abel Yang(ajy6n) Meet in the Gameroom

Thursday, September 8

6:00 pm — FREE Dinner.
7:00pm—Forum—“What I wish they had told me…” find out from the old and wise what important information they have learned and are willing to share

Israel-Palestine interest meeting at 8pm, right after forum

Saturday, September 10

8:30-3:00pm–Shalom Farms—Service retreat, will be making lunches and eating there.

Upcoming Events:

Blue Hole

Gamble Forum


Special Announcements:
Calling All Musicians! Interested in helping out with the music at our worship services or outreach events?  Contact Music Man/Director, Ryan LaRock (rsl4gp).
Sunday (11th) – Israel-Palestine interest meeting at 6pm, right after worship

Let me know if you have any questions!

Stephen Sholden (sks6p)
Wesley Foundation SCC President

Weekly Meeting Schedule
  • Sunday
    • 11:00 Morning Worship at Wesley Memorial UMC (next door)
    • 5:00 Sunday Night Worship
  • Tuesday
    • 6:00 Tuesday Night Dinner
    • 6:45 Forum — Discussion/speaker on a variety of faith topics and student life.
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