This Week at Wesley…

Greetings old and new students! Hopefully everyone is settled in and finding classes alright.  Welcome to a special edition of TWAW(This Week at Wesley), THWAW(This Half-Week at Wesley). Here is what we have for this week.

Thursday, August 25
Kickoff Picnic–6pm: Our first Thursday night dinner of the year. There will be tons of free food and give everyone the chance to meet new people and catch up with friends who we have not yet seen. We will also have explorations of our building to those who have not seen it yet. We will then go outside and play kickball or some other activity.

Friday, August 26
Tom Deluca–6pm: Now a lot of first years do this as a hall activity, but if you are not a first year, or are and your hall isn’t going, you should come with us! We will meet at the Foundation. Now for those of you who are thinking to yourself, “Self, hypnotists are all fake, and they are stupid.” Well let me tell you that whether or not you believe in hypnotism is irrelevant, because it’s hilarious. So with us or another group, you should definitely attend.

Sunday, August 28
Worship at Wesley Mem–11am ( there is a picnic lunch afterward, no need to bring anything, just come and eat)!
1st Informal Worship–5pm: In our dining room, come as you are and worship with us. There will usually be a group going out to dinner after.

This is a short week for us and there will be many more events daily in the weeks to come.

Special Announcements:
Calling All Musicians! Interested in helping out with the music at our worship services or outreach events?  Contact Music Man/Director, Ryan LaRock (rsl4gp).

Let me know if you have any questions!

Stephen Sholden (sks6p)
Wesley Foundation SCC President