Support Council Work Day: Thank you!

A BIG THANKS to everyone who came out this morning for the Support Council Event work day!  After cleaning up I walked around the building (inside and out) and it looks GREAT! A special thanks to Alex Chapin, property chair, for organizing us and the tasks, Lauren Chapin for making a beautiful map of the Wesley Foundation Support System, and Sue Smith/Aldersgate UMC for providing lunch!
The building is an integral part of our ministry and hospitality and I really appreciate everyone’s help today with Spring cleaning and organizing!!
Here is all we got done today!:
Cleaning out and reorganizing the kitchen and kitchen storage
Cleaning inside and outside of windows
Cleaning and organizing worship bookcase and sacristy
Replacing light bulbs
Cleaning out and organizing the game room closets, study camp, and living room
Trimming back hedges
Weeding and cleaning up outside of the building
Repainting of handrails
Hanging of Spring study banner outside
Trips to dump and goodwill
Thanks again for everyone’s hard work !
Melissa Holmes

Board of Directors, co-chair