March 19-20: Festival of the Book – Professor Debra Rienstra

For our 10th annual Jim McDonald Lecture Series we are partnering with the Festival of the Book ( )to bring Calvin College professor and writer Debra Rienstra here on March 19-20.  Her Festival talk at the Wesley Foundation at 4pm on March 19th is called “Spiritual Gifts and Feisty Decisions”: One of the New Testament’s most radical principles is that Christians should shape their lives according to the Spirit’s guidance, not according to social convention. How do we cope with the inevitable clashes between faithfulness to the Spirit and comfortable conformity?

Dinner and an informal conversation follows at 6-7:30pm, just for students.  “Vocation: Living the Questions” will consider our natural desire for final answers about our life’s plan, our equally natural lack of answers, and how to live in the space between

Rienstra will preach at Wesley Memorial and the Wesley Foundation on Sunday, March 20th and she will speak during a lunch conversation right after morning worship.  She describes her talk,  “Stewardship: Counter-Cultural Crazy Talk,” like this:  During this informal discussion, we will consider how the Christian idea of stewardship—when applied to our talents, time, and opportunities—challenges common notions of possession, rights, leisure, and the good life.

Please make plans to take part in as many McDonald events as possible and be sure to invite your friends!

Weekly Meeting Schedule
  • Sunday
    • 11:00 Morning Worship at Wesley Memorial UMC (next door)
    • 5:00 Sunday Night Worship
  • Tuesday
    • 6:00 Tuesday Night Dinner
    • 6:45 Forum — Discussion/speaker on a variety of faith topics and student life.
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