Want to meet someone in your field?

College is a time of many decisions and confusion for a lot of students as they chose majors and career paths.  It can be difficult to hear how God is calling, especially when this is into an unfamiliar academic or career field.  Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church (next door) and the Wesley Foundation are beginning a program to provide students the opportunity to meet with Wesley Memorial members from their prospective major or career.  This is a very small commitment.  You might meet once or several times with someone who’s had expereince in your field – that’s up to you.  Just sign up in the sanctuary at the church or email Nina Ruhter (nwr2e) and provide your name, contact information, major(s), and possible career path(s) you’re interested in investigating.  Once we have someone to match you with Nina will email you their contact info so you can set up a convenient time to meet.