Faces of Faith – groups for first year students

If you are a first year student, Faces of Faith is a group designed especially for you. People get involved at Wesley in a lot of different ways. Some folks come primarily to the Thursday night dinners. Others are Sunday night worship regulars. Some participate in small groups. Others practically move in. Your level of involvement will depend on you. But here is one suggestion on where to begin if you are a 1st year student: Faces of Faith. These are small groups led by two upper-class students. In groups of 4-6 people, first year students study the Bible, discuss issues of first year life at UVA, and explore spiritual disciplines.

The meetings are weekly for 1-1 1/2 hours and you have three to choose from:  Mondays at 8pm with leaders Kemper Steffe (kws3cb) and Elizabeth Matthews (ecm2wp), Tuesdays at 7pm with leaders Aaron Stiles (aws6z) and Emily Gorman (efg2bj), or Wednesdays at 8pm with leaders Nina Ruhter (nwr2e) and Matt Henderson (mch8tf).  Choose the day and time that fits your schedule best and simply show up to the first meeting.  You can also email one of the leaders beforehand for more information.  All Faces groups begin the week of August 30th.