This Week at Wesley…

Hey everyone!

With classes winding down and exams fast approaching, I hope you all can find some time in your busy schedules to stop by Wesley! Remember when you’re studying that the Wesley Foundation is open all day (from approx. 9 am – midnight). Take advantage of study camp, especially when the libraries get crowded! Here’s what’s happening this week:

Sunday, April 25
11 am — Worship service at Wesley Memorial

2:30 pm — District Conference at Aldersgate UMC — Meet at the Foundation at 2:30 pm for a ride to Aldersgate UMC for the 3 pm worship service. Come on out and support other students who will be helping with music, sharing faith stories, and leading in worship. **There will be no informal worship at 6 pm today, so please come to Charlottesville District Conference!**

Monday, April 26
Deborah – Search Committee meeting
Tuesday, April 27
Deborah out of the office for sermon prep and study
11 am – ~1:30pm — Lunch at the Pav — Meet in the back room of Pavilion XI. You can bring your own lunch or buy it there.
6 pm — Men’s Small Group — Led by Stephen Sholden (sks6p) and meeting in the Upper Room
8 pm — Women’s Small Groups 1 & 2 — Group 1, led by Julie Kokinos (jak6t) & Lacey Williams (lsw5eg) will be meeting in the Living room. Group 2, led by Mary Lacy Grecco (mlg7nx) & Natalie Roper (nrr2bf) will be meeting in the Cottage living room.

Wednesday, April 28

2 – 4 pm — Deborah’s Drop-in Office Hours. Email Deborah to meet at other times (
5 pm — FREE Drop-in Yoga Class in the Living Room
7pm — Women’s Small Group 3 — Sebrell Bryant (smb5kd) & Lauren Gilchrist (ltg6s) will be leading this group in the living room of the Foundation

** Check your email later in the week for info on Methodists with Muscles!**

Thursday, April 29
6 pm — Dinner and GRAD ROAST!!! — We’ll meet in Garden V at 6 pm for dinner from Sticks, followed by the Wesley tradition of a skit (at 7 pm) where we very lovingly make fun of our graduating students. This year, we will be roasting: Lauren Gilchrist, Joey Portzer, Paul Pletcher, Dionna Ali, Jenny Gilchrist, Jimbo Hughes, Katie Quertermous, and Grant Quertermous (we know Grant’s not a student, but we’re gonna roast him anyways!)
Friday, April 30

Deborah’s day off

4:30 pm — Prayer Partner Picnic in the Park — Meet at the Foundation at 4:30 for a ride. Even if you don’t have a prayer partner, you can still come!

7ish pm — Wesley Disney Series: Cinderella — We’ll be watching this Disney classic after we get back from the Prayer Partner event, so it should be around 7 pm.

Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, May 4, to Friday, May 14 — STUDY BREAKS!!!!
Let me know if you have any questions!

Becca Worley (rjw5x)
Wesley Foundation SCC President