This Week at Wesley…

Hey everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful spring weather this weekend! Here’s what’s happening this week:

Sunday, April 18
11 am — Worship service at Wesley Memorial
6 pm — Informal Worship at the Wesley Foundation —
Rocky Shoemaker, Associate Pastor at Wesley Memorial will be preaching.

Monday, April 19

2-4 pm — Deborah’s drop-in office hours: e-mail her to meet at other times ( **This is a change from Deborah’s usual office hours!**

Tuesday, April 20
Deborah out of the office for sermon prep and study
11 am – ~1:30pm — Lunch at the Pav — Meet in the back room of Pavilion XI. You can bring your own lunch or buy it there.
6 pm –Men’s Small Group — Led by Stephen Sholden (sks6p) and meeting in the Upper Room
8 pm — Women’s Small Groups 1 & 2 — Group 1, led by Julie Kokinos (jak6t) & Lacey Williams (lsw5eg) will be meeting in the Living room. Group 2, led by Mary Lacy Grecco (mlg7nx) & Natalie Roper (nrr2bf) will be meeting in the Cottage living room.

Wednesday, April 21
5 pm — FREE Drop-in Yoga Class in the Living Room
7pm — Women’s Small Group 3 — Sebrell Bryant (smb5kd) & Lauren Gilchrist (ltg6s) will be leading this group in the living room of the Foundation
8:30 pm — Methodists with Muscles — Meet at the Cottage for a devotion, and to walk over to the Dell Basketball courts.

10 pm — Swole Society — Come lift weights with Annie Bailey and Stephen Sholden at Memorial Gym.

Thursday, April 22

11 am — Residential Community Meeting

1:30 pm — Deborah at United Ministries Meeting
6 pm — Potluck Dinner — We’ve invited the churches and individuals who have cooked for us this year to be our guests at dinner. Please bring a dish if you can, but if you can’t, we’d still love to have you! Contact Melissa Holmes (mlh9j) if you need a ride to the grocery store, and as always, you are welcome to use the Wesley Foundation’s kitchen to prepare a dish!

7 pm — Theological Thursday Forum —led by Deborah
Friday, April 23

8 pm — Coffeehaus! — The Wesley Foundation’s annual No-Talent/Talent Show. Come share your talent (or lack of talent) with us in the fellowship hall of Wesley Memorial UMC (right across the parking lot from the Wesley Foundation). The door to the fellowship hall is on the side of the church facing the Wesley Foundation. Take the stairs down and the door leads straight to the fellowship hall.
Saturday, April 24
10:30 am — Wesley Foundation Clean-up Day — Come help the Property Committee take care of some jobs around the Foundation!

6:30 pm — Avatar — Meet at the Foundation at 6:30 to walk over to Newcomb Theatre! Bring a few dollars to pay for your ticket.

Upcoming Events:
Sunday, April 25 — 3:00 pm — District Conference at Aldersgate UMC (**This will be the only worship service this day!** Meet at the Foundation at 2:30 pm for ride.)

Thursday, April 29 — 6-8 pm in Garden V — Dinner and Grad Roast!
Tuesday, May 4, to Friday, May 14 — STUDY BREAKS!!!!
Let me know if you have any questions!

Becca Worley (rjw5x)
Wesley Foundation SCC President

Weekly Meeting Schedule
  • Sunday
    • 11:00 Morning Worship at Wesley Memorial UMC (next door)
    • 5:00 Sunday Night Worship
  • Tuesday
    • 6:00 Tuesday Night Dinner
    • 6:45 Forum — Discussion/speaker on a variety of faith topics and student life.
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