Study Breaks at Wesley!

Hey Wesleyanos,

So maybe you’re gearing up for exams, maybe you’re taking it easy until Wednesday, or maybe you’re like me and you’ve been stuck in the Architecture school since Monday…but whatever your situation, I’m happy to announce the complete listing of the highly-anticipated Wesley study breaks!  For those of you who are new to Wesley this year or haven’t had a chance to check us out yet, let me tell you that Wesley study breaks are by far the best part of finals.  Though I know that you all will be studying hard, but I hope you can pause with us and have a little fun.  Our goal is that these daily events will give you something to look forward to during a rough part of the semester.  They may even motivate you to study harder!  These breaks will be listed along with other programs in the Week at Wesley e-mails; you will also receive a reminder e-mail about each event with more detailed information on meeting locations, etc.  For now, you can mark these down on your calenders:

Tuesday, 12/8

7:32 pm – Lighting of the Lawn – Meet at the Foundation and walk over together

Wednesday, 12/9 (Reading Day)

11:31am  MASH Study Break in Game Room
7:14 pm  Swole Society (aka weightlifting) with Stephen Sholden – Meet at the Foundation
9:06 pm  Broomball (beginning at 9:30) – meet at the Foundation

Thursday, 12/10

10:23 am – Run/Walk with Helen Ross and Joey Portzer
6:03 pm – FREE Homemade dinner in the dining room

Friday, 12/11

11:11 am – Christmas Trilogy Part I – Card-making at with the Witness team

Saturday, 12/12

4:56 pm – Christmas Trilogy Part II – Sugar Cookie Baking and Disney Sing-a-long in the Dining Room with the Fellowship team

Sunday, 12/13 (Reading Day)

5:59 pm – Last Informal Worship Service of the semester at the Foundation
7:07 pm – Christmas Trilogy Part III – Caroling with the Discipleship Team

Monday, 12/14

7:11 pm – Slurpee Run

Tuesday, 12/15

8:18 pm – Pancakes, Prayer, Pork, and Potatoes with the Discipleship Team

Wednesday, 12/16 (Reading Day)

3:33 pm – “Dumbo” Movie Viewing with Matt Henderson and Emily Gorman

Thursday, 12/17

6:01 pm – Final FREE Homemade Dinner of the semester in the Dining Room

Friday, 12/18 (Last day of finals, no study breaks)

Don’t let the arbitrary times deter you — they are a Wesley tradition and are approximate 🙂  I hope you can join us for any and all of these breaks!  And if you haven’t made it to Wesley yet this semester, this is a great time to come check it out!

Also, having trouble finding space to study in the library? Come join us in Study Camp! We have our own study room in the upstairs portion of our building over the living room.  It’s well-stocked with comfy chairs, desks, tables, and often populated with friendly faces.  Come try it out — it could be your best discovery yet.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy studying,
Lauren Gilchrist (ltg6s)

lauren t. gilchrist
school of architecture
class of 2010
university of virginia
wesley foundation scc president