This Week at Wesley…

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to everyone for all the prayers this weekend!  The GREs went really well.

If you haven’t come by a Wesley event, now is a great time, all are welcome.

Faces of Faith, the small group for first years will be meeting at the Foundation on Tuesday at 8 this week.  If you didn’t come the past few weeks but want to this week, I would like to encourage you to come.  Contact me or Melissa (mlh9j) if you want a ride.

Starting for the first time this week is a small group study led by Deborah (deborah AT called Restless Hearts.  It’s about finding your way by listening to God’s call and well worth a look. Monday night at 7.

Wesley Memorial Church is also hosting a dinner and speaker on faith and politics on Tuesday at 6.  Details are below the weekly schedule.

With Fall Break coming up we don’t have any scheduled events (yet…).

Here’s what we’ve got going on this week:


7pm                Restless Hearts devotional study led by Deborah Lewis


12:15pm          Lunch at the Pav – an informal, social lunch in the back room of the Pavilion in Newcomb. Bring your PlusDollars or bag lunch.  Look for the tables pushed together.

6pm                Faith and Politics Dinner and Speaker Series at Wesley Mem Church (see details below)

8pm                Faces of Faith first-year small group.  Meet at the Foundation.


5pm                Free, drop-in Yoga class in Foundation living room.  Mats are provided or you can bring your own if you have one.  Wear loose fitting clothes.


6pm                Free Thursday Night Dinner in the dining room

7pm                Forum – Faith and Politics with Ernie and Joey

Feel free to contact me with any questions or issues.

I hope to see you some time this week.  Happy Almost-Fall-Break!

– David Lessard (dal5r)

Wesley Foundation President

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A Dinner & Speaker Series
@ Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church
Tuesday, October 7-28
6-7:30 p.m.
Are We Sure We Want to Have This Conversation?
Peter Ochs, Religious Studies, UVA
Kay Neeley, Science, Technology, and Society, UVA
PETER OCHS is Edgar Bronfman Professor of Modern Judaic Studies. He works internationally to promote Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogue in the public square and in academia.
KAY NEELEY holds a Ph.D. in English and has spent the last 29 years developing frameworks to help engineers communicate with non-experts about matters of social significance.
IN OUR INITIAL SESSION, we will explore the roots of and rationale for the taboo regarding conversations about religion and politics and become better acquainted with strategies that can make such conversations both possible and productive.
Both theology and political theory are concerned with what it means to be human and with defining and creating the conditions under which human beings can flourish. Yet the relationship between faith and politics is complicated and can be contentious. Indeed, both topics are often considered out of bounds in polite conversation. This series grows out of the belief that-especially in a university community-discussion about faith and politics can be both polite and enlightening.
Our goal is to bring together people from all faith traditions-along with people who do not consider themselves to be religious-to explore various aspects of the relationship between faith and politics. We particularly hope to engage people from the University community and to make the insights of academics accessible beyond the University’s boundaries.
SPACE IS LIMITED AND REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED BUT SIMPLE. Call 434-296-6976, fax 434-295-9567, or send an email message to Please provide contact details and let us know about any special needs you may have. For directions to the church and other details, go to or call the church office.