This Week at Wesley…

Hi Everyone,

It was great seeing some new faces at the barbecue on Thursday,

despite the rain. If you didn’t come, don’t worry, it’s not too late

to get involved. We have a lot of opportunities this week and even

more starting up in the next few weeks. I’ll be sending out weekly e-

mails with what’s going on. Mark your calendars now.


6pm                Informal worship at the Wesley Foundation

7pm                Gospel of John Bible Study at Welsey Memorial next door


12:15pm          Lunch at the Pav – an informal, social lunch in the back room

of the Pavilion in Newcomb. Bring your PlusDollars or bag lunch.


6pm                Free Thursday Night Dinner in the dining room

7pm                Forum – Melissa and David (me) will be leading a discussion on

being a Christian in college


1:30pm            Prayer Group in the Wesley Foundation chapel – all welcome

7:30pm            Photo Scavenger Hunt – our first Fellowship event! Brought

back by popular demand. (bring a digital camera if you have one)

Other upcoming events include a free Wed. drop-in Yoga class

(starting 9/17), Intramural Soccer (starting Wed 9/10 @8pm), prayer

partners, Restless Hearts small group with Deborah, and Faces of

Faith, a first-year small group about transitioning to college as a

Christian. Don’t forget about the service retreat on 9/20 (contact

Nina at nwr2e@Virginia.EDU for details).

Feel free to contact me with any questions or issues. Most of this

info should also be on our website:

I hope to see you some time this week.

– David Lessard (dal5r)

Wesley Foundation President