This Week at Wesley…

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the first week in October! This semester is flying by so far, at least for me. If you haven’t come by a Wesley event, it’s not too late yet, all are welcome any time.

Faces of Faith, the small group for first years will be meeting at the Foundation on Tuesday at 8 this week. If you didn’t come the past two weeks but want to this week, I would like to encourage you to come. Contact me or Melissa ( if you want a ride.

Soccer this week will be Monday night at 6. Since it’s the tournament, if we win this game we’ll play again at 9 on Thursday (after Forum, don’t worry).

Also, we have a Fellowship event this weekend. Meet at the Foundation at 6 for dinner on the town and mini golf. Bring money for dinner.

Here’s what we’ve got going on this week:

6pm Informal worship at the Wesley Foundation
7pm Gospel of John Bible Study at Wesley Memorial next door

5:30pm Intramural soccer – bring your cleats or tennis shoes and student ID. We’ll meet at the Foundation at 5:30 to go over to the field. Game at 6. All are welcome, no skills required.

12:15pm Lunch at the Pav – an informal, social lunch in the back room of the Pavilion in Newcomb. Bring your PlusDollars or bag lunch. Look for the tables pushed together.
8pm Faces of Faith first-year small group. Meet at the Foundation.

5pm Yoga class in Foundation living room. Mats are provided or you can bring your own if you have one. Wear loose fitting clothes.

6pm Free Thursday Night Dinner in the dining room
7pm Forum – Study abroad with Krasna and Ashley
8:30pm (only if we win the previous game) Intramural soccer – bring your cleats or tennis shoes and student ID. We’ll meet at the Foundation at 8:30 to go over to the field. Game at 9. All are welcome, no skills required. You can just stay and hang out at the Foundation if you want.

1:30pm Prayer Group in the Wesley Foundation chapel – all welcome
6pm Dinner on the town and mini-golf. Bring $ for dinner.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or issues.

I hope to see you some time this week.

– David Lessard (dal5r)
Wesley Foundation President