Upcoming service opportunities – 4/14 and 4/21

Hey all,
Sorry to clog more inboxes, but your fearless Witness
leaders just wanted to remind you about the Playground
Build on Saturday morning.  We're gonna be leaving from the
Foundation parking lot at 9 am, or if you don't think you
can make it up that early (and I don't blame you), then
ISAC will be giving rides from the Chapel and Tuttle every
hour from 9-4.  So...come and help out, because it's gonna
be awesome.  We've talked to a lot of the parents and kids
in Westhaven, and they're so excited to have a place to
play that'll have a gate and be safe and clean.

Also, go ahead and start thinking about Relay for Life on
the 21st...if you're planning on walking with Wesley, then
you might want to go ahead and talk to Alex about
fundraising.  I'll let you know more tomorrow night at
dinner, but we might even have some pretty sheets for you
to get sponsors.  (Who can resist a hot pink sponsor sheet,

I'm pretty sure that we're going to come up with one more
Witness activity before finals - it might be a study break
or something, but we'll definitely try to have one more
opportunity.  There's a "Missions Day" with University
Baptist Church that looks really cool, and some stuff with
Building Goodness, and I'll post some info about that on
the board, but if you have anything in particular that
you'd like to do that Wesley could get involved in, please
let me or Meg know before next Wednesday.

Ok, that's all.  Y'all are awesome; shine on!

In Christ,
Ashlee (aej5f)