What the Bleep Retreat

Want to get away from the UVa bubble for a few hours? Want to feel that campy feeling we grew to love on our spring break trip again? Want to learn how quantum physics and positive thinking are related and how they might affect how we experience the world? If you answered yes to any of the above, or at least raised an eyebrow then…

COME TO A RETREAT THIS WEEKEND! We will be watching a very intriguing and thought-provoking film called “What the Bleep Do We Know?” This film is half documentary, half fiction and discusses science, religion, psychology, and much more!

We will be traveling to Linden retreat center near Hampden Sydney. We will be leaving around 5pm on Friday (March 30) evening and packing dinners to eat on the road. We’ll watch the movie Friday night and engage in several activities inspired by the movie Saturday morning. We’ll be leaving the retreat center by 1pm, so everyone will have plenty of time to get back to go to Spring Fest and see Ben Folds or whatever else Saturday holds for you.

The cost will be $10, which will cover retreat center costs, snacks for the movie, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday. You should bring a sleeping bag, toiletries and a towel, writing materials/journal, a Bible, and walking shoes as there will be lovely spaces for walking outside.

Please let Deborah know if you will be attending and give her your $10 by noon on Wednesday 3/28. This can be done in person, or you can bring the money by the foundation Mon-Fri 9-12 and give it to our office manager Griffin, or slip it under Deborah’s door in a marked envelope.

This movie is really fascinating and I think this retreat has things for everyone to enjoy. Did I mention I’m bringing cookies?? Be there or be sorry!

What: “What the bleep” Retreat
When: Leave Friday, March 30 5pm, return but 3 or 3:30 Saturday, March 31
Where: Linden retreat center near Hamden Sydney
Cost: $10 due Wednesday by noon

Wesley love,
Courtney Stuckwisch (cas5et)