“Stop-by Jesus” (Worship 9/2/12)

Stop-by Jesus Mark 6: 45-52 Who went to the Activities Fair last Monday?  Did you wander through, trying to take it all in?  Did you have a plan of attack – I’m going to find the Wahoo Basketweaving Society and then the Wesley Foundation, and then I’m out of here? ...

“Made” (Baccalaureate 5/19/12)

Made Isaiah 29: 16   Almost anything can be a spiritual practice if you let it.  I know people whose spiritual practice is running or writing or watching the sunset each night.  I know people whose spiritual practice is baking or hiking or feeding the homeless. ...

“Love it!” (Worship 5/6/12)

Love it! 1 John 4: 7-21   If I were preaching to a different crowd, I might focus on how God’s self-giving love in Christ is how we know what love is.  If I were preaching to another crowd, I might direct your attention to the strong and simple statement in verse...

“Useless” (Sunday worship 4/29/12)

Useless John 10: 11-18   If you’ve been following the news in the past week about “the 13 most useless college majors,” then you are probably thinking that I’m a bit peeved because both English (#7) and Religious Studies (#6) are on the list.  You probably aren’t...

“Let’s Hear it for Doubt” (Sunday 4/15/12)

Let’s Hear it for Doubt John 20: 19-31   I worry at Easter that some folks – whether they come willingly, out of duty, or dragged by someone else – will feel out of sorts with the day, like they don’t “match” the celebration and jubilance of the occasion. The...

“Only the Beginning” (Easter Sunrise, 4/8/12)

Only the Beginning John 20: 1-18 She quit the house quietly and on her own.  She wanted to clear her head, hold her hands to that huge cold stone, and then figure out what to do next. She hadn’t slept much for two nights now and she couldn’t stay away any longer. ...
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