Three Essential Prayers: Thanks (Worship 2/3/13)

Three Essential Prayers: Thanks Luke 17: 11-19     What are the magic words?  You know, the ones parents coach and coax out of their kids.  Until I read a certain book last year, I thought there were two “magic words” phrases and I thought they were “please”...

Three Essential Prayers: Help (Worship 1/20/13)

Three Essential Prayers: Help John 2: 1-11   I can’t tell you how to pray.  I could tell you about styles of prayer and techniques but that’s not what this is about.  I’m also not going to tell you that you should pray. Thursday night at forum I said it wasn’t a...

“Ponder” (Worship 12.16.12)

Ponder Luke 2: 1-20 Advent 3   Mary doesn’t say much.  Have you noticed? We focus a lot of our attention on her seemingly simple “yes” to the angel Gabriel.  We also appreciate her response to her meeting with Elizabeth, her beautiful song of praise and joy and...

“What Are We Waiting For?” (Sunday 12/9/12)

What Are We Waiting For? Luke 3: 1-6 (Advent 2)   Here’s the thing I used to get confused about:  waiting does not have to mean waiting patiently.  I remember being in my grandmother’s kitchen waiting for something – for the fudge to set up or the timer to go off...

“Belonging to the Truth”

Belonging to the Truth John 18: 33-38   My friends Ed and Otis tell a story about stopping into a convenience store in Pike County, Kentucky, right in the heart of Appalachia.  Though they were both living not too far away in other parts of Appalachia, they were...

“What Time Is It Anyway?” (worship 11/18/12)

What Time Is It Anyway? Mark 13: 1-8   I don’t know what sort of image you have in mind when you hear a pastor say she is “working on my sermon.”  Perhaps you, like many of us preachers before we went to seminary and starting doing this every week, had a...
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